Letters to the Editor

McClain has valuable expertise

Spring is here and it’s time to think about … primary elections! We are throwing our support and campaign energy to Casey McClain, candidate for district judge (Ferguson, Patton and Halfmoon townships, and the north and west precincts of College Township).

In 2014, McClain was awarded the John R. Miller Jr. Civility Award by unanimous vote of the Centre County judges. This award is reserved for lawyers with a career spent passionately representing their clients, while maintaining the highest standards of integrity, respect and civility. McClain was selected out of more than 250 lawyers in the county.

McClain has experience we can trust. With his 14 years as a public defender in Centre County, McClain has the legal expertise to make wise decisions. Receipt of the civility award attests to his character, fairness and honesty. Furthermore, he teaches future lawyers vital skills for the courtroom and shares his expertise while serving as guest judge for the trial advocacy course at Penn State Law.

McClain’s mastery of court proceedings, years of teaching and recognized trustworthiness make him the most knowledgeable, ethical and experienced candidate in the race.

But don’t just take our word for it. Visit Casey McClain.com.

Katy Colby and Larissa Sweitzer, State College