Letters to the Editor

McClain meets all the criteria

For the past 45 years, I have been fortunate enough to practice law, and appear in courtrooms, in Centre County and a number of surrounding counties.

In whatever the setting, my clients have always hoped for a judge who is intelligent enough to comprehend the issues before him or her; who has the expertise to apply the governing statutes or case law; who can control the courtroom to ensure a fair hearing or trial; and who can bring a generous supply of common sense to their case.

On May 16, residents of Ferguson, Potter, Halfmoon and College townships will be asked at the voting booth to select a district justice to make decisions that might impact their lives. In making that choice, I know of no candidate who is better qualified than Casey McClain. He has 14 years of experience as an assistant public defender for Centre County and meets all of the criteria that I believe people look for in a judge.

Beyond those credentials, I know that McClain has the demeanor, the composure and even the sense of humor the job will demand. He is, as well, a thoroughly decent human being and I have every confidence that he will be an outstanding district justice.

H. Denning Mason, Bellefonte