Letters to the Editor

Dauler has proven leadership

Melissa Carpenter’s letter on May 3 credited Michael Black with creating the diverter plan for East College Heights, but neglected the far more important efforts of several other residents: the State College Borough Council, the borough solicitor, planning department, public works department, pedestrian/traffic safety commission, College Heights Neighborhood Association, Coalition of Neighborhood Associations, a traffic consultant and PennDot.

Actually, once the diverters were installed for a one year trial, challenges began from outside the neighborhood. It was then that Dauler, as president of the College Heights Neighborhood Association, rescued the very successful diverters so that they became permanent. That minimized reckless traffic through our neighborhood, particularly after university events.

That diverter episode is representative of Dauler’s extraordinary contributions and experience in our community. Dauler has served us as an active member or President of the Borough Council for 14 years. Also, she has been a board member of the Downtown Improvement District, working with others to protect the quality of life we value. Cathy’s background with most aspects of borough management and with leading units of our borough promises that she will be a mayor of whom we can be proud.

Mary and Hu Barnes,

State College