Letters to the Editor

Cotarelo will serve State College well

Marina Cotarelo is a candidate I am proudly and enthusiastically supporting for State College Borough Council. As an undergraduate, Cotarelo always displayed a keen acumen for assessing a situation and giving it the critical analysis it takes to make an informed decision. This ability will enable her to serve State College well.

As I have followed CotareloMarina’s career from undergraduate to graduate to her postgraduate work, I have always been impressed with the dedication and passion in her approach to every task. She is goal oriented and focused. Her work with Bike and Build, an organization dedicated to building housing across the country for worthy people, demonstrates her commitment to the betterment of her community, whether it be locally or on a broader scale. Whatever Cotarelo does, she does well. State College needs Cotarelo to take on a leadership position. Please join me on election day, May 16, to put an outstanding woman on Borough Council.

Jeff Young, New York, N.Y.