Letters to the Editor

‘E’ is for experience

I urge voters to choose Ronald McGlaughlin for judge. I have practiced law for 38 years, and I have served as the secretary, vice president and president of the Centre County Bar Association.

I am endorsing McGaughlin not because he is an “R” or a “D,” but because he is an “E”- Experienced. He has practiced law throughout Centre County and the commonwealth for more than 30 years, and he has been an excellent advocate in all manner of cases-civil, criminal, domestic relations, equity, mediation and arbitration. He is the only candidate who has been involved in jury trials.

While Brian Marshall has done family law for some 12 years, he has scant criminal law experience and he has never had a jury trial. A jury trial is an extremely complex process, with an outcome of life altering consequences.

This calls to mind the example of a train ride. Ask yourself if you wish to board a train on which the engineer has experience with steam, diesel and electric engines, or a train on which the engineer has no experience with locomotives at all. An inexperienced engineer will likely result in a disastrous derailment. I would urge you to keep justice on the tracks, and that means a vote for the “E”xperienced Ronald McGlaughlin.

LeDon Young, Centre Hall