Letters to the Editor

Cotarelo has drive, passion

I have known Marina Cotarelo for four years and worked closely with her on various projects while at Penn State. Throughout her roles, she has shown exceptional leadership and drive to improve the student experience at Penn State which is unparalleled.

Cotarelo is a leader who pursues her goals with relentless persistence and follows through on all her tasks until they are complete and meet the needs of the community she aims to serve. With an attitude of acceptance and desire to obtain feedback and learn from those she serves, Cotarelo is connected to the community in a way that allows her to make meaningful change.

Cotarelo always maintains respectful and purposeful discourse with all individuals and understands and values the meaning of diversity. Her efforts in many organizations on campus have shown her ability to take on challenges and educate others on adopting different policies and initiatives. Her drive and passion for serving others makes her the ideal candidate for the State College Borough Council.

Melissa Minniti, State College