Letters to the Editor

Choose Cotarelo for borough council

Marina Cotarelo asks questions and speaks out when she sees an injustice or an opportunity for progress. These qualities alone make her a perfect candidate for State College Borough Council.

Cotarelo is also an extremely hard worker and one who energizes the groups to which she belongs. I have seen her passion to contribute to and improve her community, be that community one as small as a group of students in a course or one as large as the entire United States through her work with “Bike and Build,” an organization dedicated to raising money and awareness for the affordable housing cause. Cotarelo has also put her energy and intelligence to work at Penn State. She has served as the Graduate and Professional Student Association’s vice president and filled a student government seat on the board of trustees. She is a student, an advocate, and one who can and will bring change for the better.

Most importantly, Cotarelo is thoughtful, level-headed and willing to engage in constructive debate. She knows such qualities will make the world better and stronger and fosters them in herself, because she wants to be part of that process. She will fight for the good of all State College residents. She wants to give back to a community that has given her a wealth of opportunities. Please accept her offer; make Cotarelo your choice for State College Borough Council.

Laura Rotunno, Altoona