Letters to the Editor

Pa. starting to look like Greece

Centre County’s $5 fee (tax) increase on vehicle registration was approved by Commissioners Mark Higgins and Mike Pipe. The only no vote came from Commissioner Steve Dershem.

Act 89 was signed into law in 2013 by then Gov. Tom Corbett. Three of our local politicians had “yea” votes for Act 89: they are Rep. Mike Hanna, Rep. Kerry Benninghoff and Sen. Jake Corman. The bill increased the state gas tax by 28 cents per gallon, which made Pennsylvania the highest in sales tax on gasoline in all 50 states.

The $5 fee (tax) was thrown into the bill for counties to vote on at a later date. The bill was created for infrastructure of roads and bridges. The state take is about $2.3 billion and Centre County’s is more than $500,000 per year. It’s no more than just a double tax on the people!

Pork was also thrown into Act 89 to bring back to the politicians’ districts. My question is where’s all the money going that the state is taking in? And why are we taxed in the county for infrastructure twice? We need more fiscal responsibility from politicians.

Pennsylvania no longer has the tax base, and to keep taxing the same people over and over again just isn’t going to work. State debt is more than $126 billion, spending is $138 billion, and revenue $117 billion.

If this was my account, I’d be bankrupt! You just can’t keep spending more than what you take in. This is a real problem, and the results look a lot like Greece.

Ed Emel, Bellefonte