Letters to the Editor

Options available to treat hemlocks

I am writing to my neighbors who may have hemlock trees in an effort to help save the trees. I walk the neighborhood daily and have noticed many hemlocks in West College Heights appear to be infected with hemlock wooly adelgid, which is treatable.

Wooly adelgid is a small aphid-like insect that threatens the health of the tree and appears as tiny cotton balls around the foliage. I should emphasize that I am not an expert in this at all but simply an interested gardener who appreciates my trees.

I received good advice from College Gardens Nursery and I have been able to treat and keep my hemlocks healthy despite noticing wooly adelgid on them a few years ago. With the annual treatment that I carefully apply, they appear to be healthy and adelgid free.

I treat my hemlocks annually with Bonide Annual Tree & Shrub Insect Control with Systemaxx, and there may be other solutions as well. If you notice white spots on your hemlock trees, please either contact an arborist or seek out the solution to treat them yourself. If you follow the directions carefully, you can have beautiful hemlock trees for years to come.

Kathy Plavko, State College