Letters to the Editor

PSU missed chance to show support

As a Penn State alum, a past faculty member, a spouse to a Penn State alum and professor emeritus, a longtime resident of State College and a mother of three Penn State students, I can’t stand silent.

As I watched the “Today Show” on Monday, and the family of Timothy Piazza, my heart went out to them. At the same time, I was horrified to learn that that no one from Penn State’s administration attended Tim Piazza’s funeral or wake. A few weeks ago, I also watched one Penn State spokesperson basically say not our problem … it was on private property.

I am ashamed to be a part of the PSU community and am appalled at the “position” that Penn State is taking. Whether advised by attorneys or not to attend Timothy’s funeral and wake, it was the moral and humane thing to do. To send a statement of support for the family into the “Today Show” during the airing of your missed opportunity to show support at the funeral, is disingenuous and meaningless.

Shame on you, Penn State. You deserve any lawsuit about this that is coming your way and, if I could return my diploma, I would. Your actions are despicable.

Tammy B. Smith, State College