Letters to the Editor

Natural gas benefits happening now

Natural gas benefits happening now

There’s so much more to the story about construction (“Trump’s rural voters fighting to keep their land from a growing web of pipelines,” May 22) of important infrastructure projects like Sunoco’s Mariner East 2 pipeline, which currently is under construction. Every Pennsylvanian is benefiting.

This project represents one of the biggest economic opportunities our state has seen in generations — a $3 billion investment that will create more than 30,000 jobs and generate $4.3 billion in economic activity. For Pennsylvania, the project will generate about $1 million in annual pipeline-related tax revenue.

Locally, Mariner East 2 is providing needed ethane for Competitive Power Ventures Inc.’s Fairview Energy Center in neighboring Cambria County. This state-of-the-art energy center will meet the energy needs of more than 1 million Pennsylvania homes, including those in central Pennsylvania. At peak construction, the project could employ as many as 500 workers. Once operational, up to 25 full-time residents will work there.

You cannot diminish the fact that natural gas is playing a big role in our economic resurgence. The benefits aren’t off in some distant future. They are happening today.

Brittany Tressler, Philadelphia

The writer is a spokeswoman for the Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance.