Letters to the Editor

If you want to spend, pay the price

I must respond to a recent editorial in which a writer argued for continued taxpayer support of NPR and PBS.

For those living in a vacuum, let me inform you that the national debt is now about $20 trillion and rising. The interest on that debt cost the nation about $230 billion in 2016. This breaks down to $697 per individual (assuming 330 million people) or $2,788 for a family of four. What’s more, as the debt continues to grow and interest rates rise, things will only get worse.

At what point do we stop the madness? Kicking the can down the road is not an option. Unlike many of you, I don’t want my granddaughter to suffer for the poor judgment of today’s adults.

Regrettably, if we can’t cut government spending on nonessential institutions and services such as PBS and NPR, then there is little hope of any serious reduction in government spending. If cuts are off the table, then tax increases are our only option.

I find it interesting that of the CDT contributors supporting government spending programs, not one has indicated a willingness to increase his or her own taxes. It’s easy to advocate for spending programs when other people, like the rich or our grandchildren, pay the price.

I suggest that supporters of spending programs put up or shut up. Contact your congressional representatives and demand a substantial increase in your own personal income tax. If you want to spend, at least pay the price.

Terry Kordes, Port Matilda