Letters to the Editor

Penn State, cancel Toll Bros. sale

Thank you for summarizing the brave struggle residents are making against Penn State’s disastrous decision to sell prime property to Toll Brothers.

A simple search on the web will show that Toll Brothers is not always faithful to its promises to buyers, sometimes to a serious degree. And selling land to any developer next to one of our major water source wells is the height of self-serving.

Penn State has been incredibly shortsighted and, unfortunately, broadcasts on national TV with “Breaking News” trailers running along the bottom of the screens announce the devastating results of Penn State’s serious negligence in oversight of internal affairs. My distant relatives and friends (Alabama, California, Colorado, Washington, Texas, Florida) all ask, “What is going on?” Must our loyalty to this great university always be shamed?

Penn State, do something to show you have not lost your integrity completely and make the sacrifice by paying the penalty fees. Cancel the sale. End another potential fiasco before it happens.

And — Mr. John Lichman, executive director of the water authority — you might consider finding another position where your opinions would make more sense.

Liz Roth, Boalsburg