Letters to the Editor

Madrid the best choice for mayor

In my view, Ron Madrid is arguably the best choice for mayor of State College. A long-time resident and contributor to the borough, Ron has served generously as president of his neighborhood association, member and chair of the Borough Planning Commission, chair of the Historic Resources Commission, chair of the Real Estate Advisory Board and more.

Ron’s remarkable background includes being a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and a career naval officer. He holds graduate degrees and experience in financial and organizational management. Very recently, he displayed these skills impressively as principal presenter and organizer of a public forum on the borough’s financial problems and prospects.

Ron is intelligent and thoughtful, articulate and intentional, disciplined and seasoned. He is reflective and measured in his listening and responding. He does his homework and doesn’t wing it or stumble through the issues. Ron is skilled at speaking and summarizing. These aren’t abstract virtues but rather, competencies that denote Ron as precisely qualified to be a superb presider and facilitator of Borough Council meetings, a promoter of respectful process and good progress. He also has the temperament and skills to be an outstanding representative of our local government — to its residents, the university and other agencies.

Though a lifelong Democrat, I am excited about Ron’s independent candidacy, and grateful for his willingness to serve. If he is selected, we will all be well-served. Let’s not settle for less. Please join me in voting to elect Ron Madrid for mayor on Nov. 7.

David J. Brown, State College

The writer is a member of State College Borough Council.