Letters to the Editor

McClain would be an exceptional judge

I first met Casey McClain 11 years ago when I was a law student interning at the Centre County Public Defender Office. I remember distinctly, a then not yet 30-year-old Casey McClain, being trusted to handle one of the most difficult and highly publicized murder trials in Centre County history. I also remember him putting his heart and soul in that case. Since then I’ve watched him do the same with countless other folks he has represented. Being a public defender is the most difficult job you can perform as an attorney and Casey McClain has served Centre County for the past 14 years in that capacity.

The folks voting in this election should also know that Casey McClain not only serves as a public defender, but was hired as a professor at the Penn State School of Law. He co-founded and currently teaches the Indigent Criminal Justice Practicum, which teaches Penn State law students to be real trial attorneys. Through this practicum, Casey has given back to the community by teaching students to be trial attorneys and providing representation to hundreds of folks that could otherwise not afford representation.

I’ve had the privilege of working alongside Casey McClain for five years as a professor at the Penn State School of Law. If elected, the law school will be losing one of its best professors; however, Centre County will be gaining an exceptional judge.

Richard Settgast, Bellefonte