Letters to the Editor

Abortion letter offered some encouragement

I was encouraged by Abby Minor’s recent letter to the editor. She lamented the lack of local “abortion access,” pointing out that a trip to Harrisburg is a prerequisite for putting a child to death. First, that encouragement comes from knowing there is some small hurdle to clear and that shedding of innocent blood is not occurring nearby. I’m also happy she mentioned two organizations that — despite their benign-sounding names — are now revealed as supporting abortion. It’s now easier to avoid the mistake of donating to them.

Like many, I see abortion for what it really is despite “stigma-shifting efforts.” Abortion is putting a child to death, thus the guilt and stigma — no matter how hard you try to shift it. Further encouragement comes from knowing there is a place called the Pregnancy Resource Center that doesn’t offer the “option” of killing an unborn child. Finally, by reading her letter, I’ve learned a new phrase: “cozy pronatalism,” which I think used to be called “natural affection,” or the normal joy and feeling of love and protection we have for a child. Her rendering sounds a bit cold, but that’s what needed to make such a horrible practice as abortion more acceptable — you have to change the language. The language may change, but the result is the same. A life, with all its possibilities and blessings, is ended in a most cruel way.

Tim Maness, Bellefonte