Letters to the Editor

Interesting information

CDT readers and the Penn State administration might be interested to know that the Source Water Protection Partnership of the State College Borough Water Authority, the College Township Water Authority and Penn State produced a paper titled “What is Source Water.” In that paper they say, and I quote:

“Unlike surface groundwater does not travel great distances between sources and sinks. Instead, most of the groundwater aquifers near State College are fed by precipitation and surface water from the surrounding area. This water moves from the surface to the subsurface via two major pathways: it can percolate through the soil, or it can move in much larger quantities through sinkholes and bedrock fractures. In regions without karst geology, almost all aquifers are fed by the infiltration of precipitation through soil. This process is generally quite slow, allowing the soil to act as a natural filter, removing any bacteria, nutrients, or toxins the water may have picked up while moving over land surface. In regions possessing karst geology (like central Pennsylvania) the soil’s natural filter is often bypassed as the water is transported through sinkholes and fractures.”

There are identified sinkholes and fractures on the proposed Toll Brothers site on Whitehall Road.

Bernard Hoffnar, State College