Letters to the Editor

Support growing our economy

Focus Central Pennsylvania, a regional nonprofit organization with the critical mission to attract and support expansion of capital investment that creates quality career opportunities for the families of central Pennsylvania, is supportive of the Nestle Waters bottling investment project and we want to share why.

▪ Careers: Jobs are created when capital investment is put to risk, solid well-paying careers can be life changing for the families of central Pennsylvania and those that chose to make this area their home.

▪ Diversity: It is critical to have a diverse economy that provides opportunities for all career types, new opportunities and contributes to a healthy economy that is not tied to one single industry or market sector.

▪ Multiplier: The effect that a $50 million capital investment project can have on a community is significant in terms of increase in in-direct jobs like construction, services to support the new project and employees such as housing and goods, increased tax base which spreads throughout the community, supply chain investment expansions and growth activities such as innovation, research, development and philanthropic support.

A key part of economic development is supporting the growth of a diverse, sustainable economy. Attracting capital investment projects is extremely competitive with over 20,000 organizations throughout the United States alone competing for investment projects that will grow their economies and create quality careers for their families.

Focus central Pennsylvania is proud to be a part of a team working to grow our regional economy in a smart and sustainable way.

Lauren Bryson, Shamokin Dam