Letters to the Editor

Let’s not be known for plastic waste

Water, water everywhere. Nary a drop to drink. So we have in one corner the corporate water extraction business at the ready to transport and sell our water for a nifty profit to a worldwide customer base. In the other corner our socio-economic-environmentally minded neighbors who have raised the canary in a coal mine banner on this water thing! Well, the place this water is to be mined is no back water on the planet.

Sure this water extracted from the spring-flow amounts to a few dribbles of the total daily flow as would be measured in gallons, etc. But, above ground the local roads that get banged up from water truck loads should lead to collecting some water extraction fees. That would be very similar to the die cast by the gas extraction fees that get spent — back in the gas extraction communities. Let’s try for all water bottling plastics exported from our territory be made of plastics that completely decompose after use. Which reminds me that some communities have a ban on plastic grocery bags as an example.

These examples likely cut into the profit of the water business, a minuscule percent with the planet a beneficiary. Our days of free water out of a box of rain have gone by the wayside. But, please let’s not be known for exporting piles of plastic water bottles across the countryside, which remain long after our great water is consumed.

C. A. Kanz, Sate College