Letters to the Editor

10 years is enough of Thompson

Ten years. That’s how long Glenn “G.T.” Thompson has represented the 5th District in the U.S. House of Representatives. With the help of gerrymandering and corporate backing, Thompson has enjoyed a “safe seat.” It is time for a new, fresh voice for the 5th District.

There are three compelling reasons why I am backing Marc Friedenberg over Thompson.

First, as part of Marc’s Listening Tour, he will have visited all 16 counties in the 5th District prior to the May 15 primary. (Mr. Thompson stated in a town hall meeting in summer 2017 that he preferred not to hold town hall meetings because “it would be inappropriate to favor one (county) over the other.” Apparently, the concept of meeting his constituents in each county is not even on his mind.)

Second, Marc wants to increase the federal minimum wage for millions of working poor: men and women working full-time or more and only earning enough to be just above the U.S. poverty line. (Mr. Thompson states he wants minimum wage reform, but in 10 years, he has taken no action.)

Third, Marc knows climate change is real, and our land, water and air need to be safeguarded. (Mr. Thompson believes that sunspots play a bigger role in climate change than human activity, and has voted repeatedly to ease guidelines on water quality.) Voters in the 5th District, please take the time to learn about Marc Friedenberg at https://marcforpa.com/. Ten years of Thompson is enough.

Liz Kisenwether, College Township