Letters to the Editor

Bigger issues than cows for Congress

The federal debt has exceeded $20 trillion, millions are displaced by war all over the globe, tens of thousands die from opioid overdoses, grade inflation runs rampant at our universities and I read in the CDT a letter by Kathy Pollard (Feb. 3) the humble cow is the issue Congress must address.

Pollard claims cows are responsible for maladies from Alzheimers to zits. She claims milk consumption leads to increased bone fractures in adolescents and seniors. She cites studies to prove her claim. Problem is, if one bothers to check, these studies conclude nothing of the kind. In fact, they conclude vitamin D lowers the risk of fractures in adolescent females and early life consumption of dairy leads to increased stature. She recommends feeding children spinach and have them run around the schoolhouse. Sounds more like punishment than nutrition policy.

Cows are ruminants, they can turn grass and other forages into nutritious foods that people like. Is it coincidence that where dairy cows are most productive around the world we find the most advanced cultures and quality of life? What sort of dystopian existence absent cheese on pizza, or with wine, no yogurt or ice cream, does Pollard envision? She is apparently unaware a glass of cold whole milk makes an ordinary Oreo epic.

Vegans are entitled to espouse their lifestyle, but advocating Congress subsidize farmers transition from dairy to a rice and bean vegetarian nirvana is a bridge too far.

Ron Reese, Port Matilda