Letters to the Editor

Sen. Scarnati has priorities mixed up

Republicans seem to be all talk when they say they stand for state’s rights and small government. Take for example our state Sen. Joe Scarnati, who has seized the crown as king hypocrite with his defiance of the ruling by our state Supreme Court to comply with the redistricting of Pennsylvania’s notoriously gerrymandered congressional districts.

When it comes to undermining the rights of LGBT citizens or federal funding for social welfare and education, Republicans like Scarnati say they want less federal government, but when it comes time to defend the most basic of our rights, the right to vote, Scarnati goes running to the federal government to undermine our state Constitution and the rule of law.

The reasons our Senator Pro Tempore is choosing to defy our state Supreme Court are obvious. The majority of our state’s popular vote has gone to Democrats, but somehow Republicans manage to win a vast majority of the races. If he complies, our votes will finally count and his party will lose their grip of power.

Tell me, Joe. Where is your true loyalty? Is it to your oath and office or to your party? Are you and your fellow Republicans really the law and order candidates, or do you think you’re above obeying the court because all that law and order is suddenly inconvenient for you?

We all know why you’re doing this. We all know you care more about party than people or democracy. You’ve just proved it to us.

Timothy L. Havener, Mill Hall