Letters to the Editor

Bring back ‘Mark Trail’

I’m writing as a long-time subscriber/reader in great dismay after seeing that “Mark Trail” has been replaced in the comics section.

In fairness, had you done this any time last century, I would have rejoiced, but lately the comic’s writers have gotten more — ahem — creative, and it has become one of the highlights of my and my husband’s day to see what new and exciting adventures the denizens of Lost Forest have gotten into.

If I am able to convince you to reinstate “Mark Trail,” but you still wish to incorporate a new comic, may I suggest that Beetle Bailey would be an excellent comic to replace with darn near anything. How many strips about physical abuse are necessary or even wise in these days?

I can’t say I’m too impressed with the replacement comic either. Had I known you were looking for new comics, and perhaps you still are, I would highly recommend “Breaking Cat News” by Georgia Dunn.

Julie Mason, Spring Mills