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Letters: Vicki Wedler will dig into county issues; Help Centre County’s ‘first observer’ network

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Vicki Wedler will dig into county issues

I recommend your vote for Vicki Wedler in the Republican primary for Centre County Commissioner on May 21. She has experience for the job, having been the first woman elected Centre County Commissioner, serving for three consecutive terms. Subsequently she has been a successful Centre County real estate agent.

She has now decided to declare her candidacy for another term as your commissioner. Vicki lived in the Bald Eagle Area School District and now resides in the State College Area School District. In her real estate career, she was served clients all across the county.

Vicki is someone who really cares for people and their needs. She is known for digging into issues to learn more about them and how they relate to the needs of her fellow citizens, a trait that will serve us well in the role of commissioner, where there are always more needs than there are financial resources.

Jerry Wettstone, State College

Help the ‘first observer’ network continue to do its job

A dedicated group of 60 senior citizens in Centre County, the Centre County Pennsylvania Senior Environmental Corps (CCPaSEC) monitors the chemical, physical, and biological quality of water in 19 streams at 46 different sites and reports any significant changes in streams at risk to damage from Marcellus Shale gas drilling as well as many other non-Marcellus streams. This has been going on in some streams for over 17 years.

The yearly budget (about $2,000 for supplies) of this all-volunteer group is in serious jeopardy and we are seeking funding from several non-governmental sources. The New Pig Corp. offers a competitive source of funds. The amount granted is based on public support of the project. In order keep the “first observer” network CCPaSEC going, we need your support. Please see http://www.pigdifference.org/ccpasec for a description of Baseline Data for Water Protection and then vote for us at http://www.pigdifference.org/votenow. You can vote once every 24 hours on your computer and at the same time on your phone. After 24 hours, you can vote again. Thanks for your support.

Gary Moorman, State College

Friedenberg has the bandwidth to handle broadband crisis

Recently the Centre Daily Times featured an extensive series about the lack of rural broadband computer service in Pennsylvania, which should remind us all of exactly what ineffective government looks like.

The broadband problem isn’t new. Our elected officials who have represented central Pennsylvania in the United States Congress have known about it for years. Yet, the crisis persists.

It’s obvious these Representatives didn’t know how to solve the problem or didn’t want to. Either way, it’s time for new leaders who have the knowledge and the experience to understand and fix the problem of slow internet access in our public schools and sometimes lack of access in our homes.

The voters in the 12th Congressional District can take the first step by electing someone who actually understands the vital importance of providing broadband service to our neighbors ... someone who has the “bandwidth” to do something about it.

Marc Friedenberg is a computer and cyber-security expert. It’s time to put a technology expert on a technology job. Marc is also an attorney who dealt with big banks that ignored regulations and broke the law, so he’s also used to dealing with complex government procedures.

Spread the good news to your friends who live throughout the 12th District. By voting for Marc Friedenberg on May 21st they will finally have a Congressman who will fight for them and actually go to work to solve the broadband problem.

It’s time!

Heather Ricker-Gilbert, State College