Letters to the Editor

Letters: Correcting errors in Voters Guide; Milesburg Borough failed kids on Halloween

Correcting errors in Voters Guide

The League of Women Voters of Centre County (LWVCC) prepares a Voters Guide prior to each primary and general election which is published in the CDT. We consider publication of the Voters Guide to be one of our most important initiatives, aiming to inform county voters about the candidates on the ballot for local and county office.

We regret that the most recent Voters Guide for the upcoming Nov. 5th election contained two errors. In the election for the Centre County Board of Commissioners, voters may vote for TWO candidates – not for three as the guide erroneously stated. Three candidates will be elected but each voter may vote for not more than two candidates.

The second error concerns the race for the Centre County Register of Wills. Christine Millinder received only the Republican nomination for the office – she did not receive the Democratic nomination as the guide erroneously stated.

The LWVCC apologizes for these errors, and will continue to work to be as accurate as possible in the publication of the Voters Guide, which is also available on our website: www.lwvcentrecounty.org

Please join us in voting on Nov. 5th!

Jan Koch and Sue Sargo, co-presiding officers, LWVCC.

Milesburg Borough failed kids on Halloween

It’s sad that the Milesburg kids had to go trick-or-treating in the pouring down rain because the borough didn’t have enough sense to change the date like other communities. There are signs everywhere that read “keep our kids safe.” What did the borough do to keep the kids safe on Halloween? Nothing! Way to go borough members, when all these kids are sick from the rain. Happy Halloween Milesburg!

Nicole Rupert, Milesburg

Importance of voting

We have local elections in a few days, and state and federal elections coming soon. A lot of campaigns are taking “shape.” Amid it all, the president tweets about “Civil War,” “treason,” “spies”; and he adds, “What is taking place is not an impeachment, it is a COUP, intended to take away the Power of the People, their VOTE, their Freedoms, their Second Amendment...”

As citizens, we need to understand the “issues,” to self-reflect, and to decide how to improve our local, state and federal government and to vote. We need to learn about “gerrymandering” (manipulated state and local voting districts), the “Electoral College” (win without a majority of total votes), faulty voting equipment, how to monitor vote-counting , foreign “interference,” and new voter-ID laws. We have reached a “tipping point.”

On Election Day 2016, and 2018, just 60% of eligible voters cast a vote. More than 15% of the “missing” voters were turned away; they did not have new state-issued voter IDs. Another 20% of eligible voters decided not to vote, citing inconvenience, or protest. The U.S. Senate wants to further limit those who can vote, citing, to “protect the integrity of our elections.” It’s just the opposite.

Constitutional Amendments 12, 14, 15, 17, 19, 20, 25, and 26 added minorities, women, and more as eligible voters in all states, for all elections. We need to keep adding voters, and regain our democracy. Let’s not be distracted nor discouraged by “twitter smackdowns”; let’s all vote.

Carl Evensen, State College