Letters to the Editor

Letters: Don’t wait for Arbor Day to plant a tree; For holiday gifts, buy local art

Regulations are ‘not all evil’

In Washington, President Donald Trump has installed former pro-pollution lobbyists to dismantle or not enforce any kind of federal regulation that shaves a few dollars off the profits of Republican oligarchs such as the Koch brothers. But in the day to day life of Trump’s base, there are still people who realize that regulations are not all evil.

The Oct. 27 Voters Guide in the CDT had only a single vacancy for the Walker Township board of supervisors and one unopposed candidate. This is what Jim Heckman, a Republican, had the courage to say:

”I will work with developers of the township and see that regulations are followed.”

Jim, you got my vote.

John N. Rippey, Zion

Don’t wait for Arbor Day to plant a tree

The plethora of measures, ideas, schemes (all well intentioned) to reduce current emissions do absolutely nothing to reduce current CO2 levels. There is no high-tech gadget, no viable machine, nothing on the drawing board (that I know of) to actually reduce existing levels of CO2.

Ten years ago when I lived in Oregon I was told by a chemist that the damage is already done, the process is in motion and even if emissions stopped tomorrow, this process will continue. I never forgot it. I did not doubt him.

Currently there is only one way to actually reduce the existing carbon in the atmosphere — a tree.

Trees/plants absorb CO2 and expel oxygen — it’s that simple. It’s almost too simple.

Plant Trees! Trillions of them!

More trees and less emissions could solve this nightmarish problem.

No serious effort to address climate change can ignore the role of trees — yet it seems, trees are rarely mentioned. Are they really serious?

I am a essentially a layman, a Liberal Arts degree from Penn State, (class of 1975) not a scientist, but I can see the obvious.

Why are trees currently being cut at a record rate around the world? This madness is suicide.

Trees might be the last chance — the only chance — so don’t wait for Arbor Day. Go plant a tree!

Joe Mogus, Pleasant Gap

For holiday gifts, buy local art

If you want to purchase original and unique gifts for friends this holiday season, consider art created by local artists. Centre County is blessed with a multitude of artists, both 2D and 3D, and their work is available at various venues from Bellefonte to Lemont to Millheim to State College and points in between.

So keep local artists and their art in mind when looking for ideal gifts for the holidays. Not only will you please the people who receive the art, but you’ll also support local artists.

This holiday season, keep it local.

R. Thomas Berner, Benner Township

Townships should consider natural resources before development

Thanks for printing David Roberts’ piece on the need to have a water use plan for our Spring Creek Watershed.

The shared waters that are fed from the in-ground water tables are dependent on recharge from what is above it.

So it’s most important each and every township be careful on how just how many parking lots, homes and new large building structures are being allowed to be built.

Plus they must learn to respect and save, not fill or remove, the natural sinkholes and forests we have.

The Pine Hall woods removal is a big step in the wrong direction; it acts as one of the best sponges in our area for recharging our groundwater supply.

Ferguson Township should reconsider allowing those woods to disappear.

Stan and Darlene Smith, Boalsburg