Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | An F for school board members

As a Philipsburg-Osceola graduate and a Philipsburg resident, I think the four board members who wrote those childish “evaluations” have damaged the dignity and reputation of the P-O district and need to be replaced.

The unprofessional and ignorant manner in which these “adults” chose not to renew Superintendent Stephen Benson’s contract caused further harm to the school district and the students.

Do those board members not understand that they have in no way enticed any new families to either move to Philipsburg or have their children attend school in the district? Good luck finding a professional replacement for Benson who is willing to step into this mess.

I have always been proud to say that my entire family graduated from P-O. We received a quality education that prepared us for college and subsequent successful professional careers.

Never have we been ashamed of our Philipsburg-Osceola educational heritage.

I hope those who read about this calamity do not think those four board members are representative of P-O education. Unfortunately, it will now be a challenge to convince anyone that P-O is not a land of simpletons and that the school district is a great place to receive an education.

The first step in the process of bringing back dignity, a positive reputation and the best future for the students is to replace those who chose to show their true colors by giving Benson such childish and unprofessional evaluations.

Fran Kasubick