Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Money factors in

In Tuesday’s editorial, the CDT characterized Bill O’Brien’s comment that “It’s not about the money” as a “bit disingenuous.”

I find this contention to be, well, a bit disingenuous.

I am fairly certain someone at the CDT either attended or watched the news conference live. Therefore, that reporter would know that O’Brien made his statement in the context of disputing some members’ of the press who cynically attributed his motives for responding to expressions of interest in him by NFL teams as motivated by an intent to gain salary leverage with Penn State.

He disputed this media supposition by explaining that his recent “conversations” with NFL organizations were authentically based and very much intrinsic to achieving what he considers the “highest level of coaching” (his stated profession) — not a maneuver to attract more money from his current employer.

He never indicated that money is not a factor in considering job choice, as the CDT editorial claims. In fact, later in the news conference, he acknowledged that most people, including himself, would like a raise in their future.

James Welsh State College