Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Victim support available

With Dr. Scott Lenhart’s recent admission before a licensing board that he had sex with patients, I wonder how many alleged victims there really are?

There is an excellent resource for patients who have been exploited in psychotherapy, www.therapyabuse.org, which provides email support so victims can reach out to others.

As a Christian, I am especially outraged by the fact that Lenhart puts himself out there to be a “Christian therapist” and yet professed at the public hearing that sex with these women was not wrong because it was “therapeutic.”

If for no other reason, as a Christian, how can he not see that this is adultery? Documents state that he is married and that his wife was his secretary at the time. What kind of example is he setting?

What Lenhart did by retraumatizing women who were sexually abused calls for a revocation of his license and the inability to ever practice again.

I hope the Board of Psychology will act accordingly.

Susan Lowe