Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Continue the FCS discussion

At the State College Area School District board meeting June 10 I was impressed and inspired by community members making the time and effort to speak out in support of a program being considered for elimination, Family and Consumer Sciences courses in seventh and eighth grades.

To accommodate a new course called Grade 7 Academic Literacy, several changes are being proposed, including reducing instructional time for FCS in sixth grade, eliminating FCS in seventh and eighth grades and increasing Tech Ed instruction in sixth grade.

About a dozen students, teachers, parents and concerned community members spoke for 45 minutes to show their support for a program that offers kids hands-on, real-life skills such as food preparation, conflict resolution, budget management and nutrition and wellness.

I strongly urge community members, parents and taxpayers to learn more about this proposal before Monday’s school board meeting, when it may be voted on.

View the June 10 meeting on C-Net, available at www.scasd.org. The proposal from administrators regarding Academic Literacy begins just before the public comment section.

To reiterate what several speakers said to the school board: Please slow this process down. Inform parents and open this up for further discussion.

Our board has done an excellent job with transparency in communication regarding the high school project and the school budget.

The Family and Consumer Sciences curriculum in the middle schools deserves the same consideration.

Marjorie Costello

State College