Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Beyond cooking and sewing

I hope the State College Area school board chooses not to eliminate Family and Consumer Sciences in the middle schools.

I have a son in middle school and have realized that FCS is not just a cooking or sewing class. In addition to learning to cook, students learn about nutrition and healthy lifestyles, which are especially appropriate and timely given our nation’s problem with obesity.

My son was also required to think about topics related to finances, decision-making and communicating with peers, with an emphasis on handling conflicts.

Many times we hear people lament a lack of civility in our society. The topics taught in middle school FCS directly address the types of skills that make kids grow up to be caring and responsible citizens and, therefore, I suspect, are less likely to be a burden on society.

I hope these cuts are not enacted and that my two younger daughters get to learn these important lessons from teachers who are knowledgeable about the topics and qualified to teach these life skills.

If you agree, please voice your opinion to the school board.

Cari Gustafson

Patton Township