Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Pipe’s on right course

During his visits to 20 other facilities and from research concerning Centre Crest’s possible transition to a nonprofit, Centre County Commissioner Michael Pipe learned that Pennsylvania counties have not made such a decision since 1994.

Could it be that the current health care environment does not support such action? Under such a nonprofit plan, the county would still have responsibility for the building and grounds.

As our population ages and the need for elder care increases, Centre Crest will become more valuable to our community.

I support Pipe’s diligence and willingness to examine the issue and to work out a plan that would improve the infrastructure, increase the quality of services for patients and provide enhanced employment opportunities at Centre Crest.

Our community is skilled and dedicated and we can do better than to hand Centre Crest over to a nonprofit.

I encourage commissioners Steve Dershem and Chris Exarchos to work with Pipe and our community to make Centre Crest a county-owned and -managed facility that will meet our needs and make us proud.

Brenda Black

Port Matilda