Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | So disappointing

After 73 years of Centre County caring for those who can not care for themselves, two of our commissioners voted to hand Centre Crest over to a private nonprofit.

Although I was surprised at the timing of the vote, I was not surprised by how they voted.

Commissioner Chris Exarchos actually said that he “does not believe county government should be involved in nursing care.” I do not think he ran on that.

I hope people watch Tuesday’s county commission meeting on C-Net to see Commissioner Michael Pipe’s presentation on how we could not only keep Centre Crest, but improve it and make it a better facility for the residents and staff.

For 15 minutes I had hope that the commissioners might reconsider and commit to Centre Crest.

But no. Exarchos wanted to move quickly to preclude further discussion of Pipe’s ideas and to prevent public input.

I am greatly disappointed that Commissioner Steve Dershem made no effort to delay the vote — for even as little as a week — although he had promised to hold another public forum in Bellefonte before a final decision was made.

I am not convinced a private nonprofit can improve Centre Crest, nor am I convinced this is a done deal.

Mary Vollero