Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Editorial ignored

I am shocked at Tuesday’s surprise call to vote by Commissioners Steve Dershem and Chris Exarchos on the future of Centre Crest and whether to keep it as a county-run facility or turn it into a nonprofit facility.

Commissioner Michael Pipe had presented new information, meeting the challenge posed by the CDT’s Sunday editorial (“Pipe dream or reasonable alternative?”) to cite “viable data and produce an attainable and sustainable future for the services Centre Crest provides.”

For that he deserves kudos and our deep gratitude.

While Dershem and Exarchos may have disagreed with Pipe’s conclusions, they should have met their CDT challenge to “listen and fully consider.” Ten minutes of discussion after Pipe’s presentation hardly qualifies as fully considering.

It gets worse: Dershem and Exarchos did not allow input from the public on this new information before they voted. This is inexcusable.

This is an immensely complex issue, and Dershem and Exarchos’s hasty vote is a travesty of governance.

Who would have begrudged one more week to allow us to speak for our senior citizens?

Betsy Whitman

Patton Township