Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Decision made dishonestly

I am disappointed in Centre County Commissioners Steve Dershem and Chris Exarchos.

The county had a real opportunity to change Centre Crest with a well-researched and very workable plan put together by Commissioner Michael Pipe, who traveled extensively to other county homes and painstakingly researched what is best for our elderly and injured.

He publicly presented his plan and laid out the problems with Centre Crest and why he thought the best route was to keep the home county run. He answered every question openly.

I saw no such efforts by Dershem and Exarchos to support the opinion that a nonprofit would best serve the needs of the county. In fact, Pipe’s work has revealed that no county home has successfully transferred to a nonprofit in at least 20 years!

A surprise vote three weeks earlier than expected stopped any public debate or input in its tracks.

Exarchos said he wasn’t sure if he would make a motion on the issue before he saw Pipe’s presentation. The fact is it was at least the third time he had heard it in full. He sat through it seven days prior in the same room as me!

Why the dishonesty?

The issue of what to do with Centre Crest and the long-term care options for our county’s elderly residents deserved a more dignified approach.

Dan Long