Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Promises broken

On March 26, at the Centre County Courthouse Annex, about 70 Centre County residents made it clear to the county commissioners that they opposed turning Centre Crest into a nonprofit facility.

All three commissioners promised more research and another chance for people to give feedback, but only one commissioner followed through on that promise.

Commissioner Michael Pipe presented a thorough and detailed analysis of his research around the state and provided — in Commissioner Chris Exarchos’ own words — “viable changes” (“County votes to begin to turn Centre Crest into nonprofit nursing home,” CDT, Tuesday).

Commissioners Steve Dershem and Exarchos, however, rammed through a vote and did not allow any opportunity for community response or dissent.

I am extremely disappointed that they could not keep their promises to their constituents.

JoAnn Lehtihet

State College