Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Singing of love and loyalty

These words are familiar.

They are sung by alumni, students and fans every home football weekend.

It is the Penn State alma mater: “Sing our love and loyalty, Sing our hopes that, bright and free.”

Some people think we are crazy for standing by our institution. When I try to explain why, there comes a point when I realize it is impossible to convey what it means to truly feel Penn State pride.

I joined alumni and fans across the country in shock and disappointment over the acts that robbed so many children of their innocence.

“May no act of ours bring shame.”

But what if it does? How do we move forward from a tragedy like this?

The words of our alma mater don’t stop here, and neither will Penn State.

“For the glory of old State, for her founders strong and great, for the future that we wait, raise the song, raise the song.”

But we don’t have to wait. There comes a time when it is necessary to move forward and, for Penn State, that time is now.

Penn State is moving rapidly into the future and, as alumni and supporters, we must move along with it.

Those who care about the school have the opportunity to shape the legacy for the future. As the song ends, “to one heart that loves thy name, may our lives but swell thy fame, dear old State, dear old State.”

Sarah Seitz

Bowie, Md.