Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Band hears a different tune

There is this huge outcry from the community about how unfortunate it is that the NCAA is taking scholarships away from football players.

And yet no one ever mentions how the Penn State Blue Band musicians who volunteer their time and energy and support the football team through the good times and the bad times never get scholarships for their participation and commitment to Penn State.

Just this year I found out from a participant that hundreds of students have to pay the university for the privilege of participating in the Blue Band.

With the exception of those in the music program, they aren’t even considered for scholarships, which seems very sad to me.

Even if you are lucky enough to get a scholarship from the music program there are very few of them to even be offered, so good luck with that.

These young adults have to audition and learn the routines while maintaining full academic schedules and never see any recognition for being faithful to the university in the form of scholarships.

The university says how proud of the Blue Band it is yet doesn’t put the money where its mouth is.

Amy Spaw

Pleasant Gap