Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Come on, get happy again

I came to Happy Valley more than 50 years ago and stayed because it was just that — happy.

And either I’m getting older or the reality is that there is less to be happy about in the valley.

I have watched one man’s despicable acts impugn the honesty and integrity of a respected organization and numerous well-regarded men doing their jobs.

Joe Paterno built a highly regarded sports program that brought in big bucks; Graham Spanier was hired to bring in big bucks and corporate research. Their two underlings were working to support the actions of their superiors.

I have watched the university’s leadership in panic and disarray resort to highly paid cover-up artists and schmoozers; to roll over and play dead to dastardly demands of the NCAA; to do a continuing series of circumventing around real change as evidenced by giving a coach a ton of money while “poor mouthing” and raising undergraduate tuition yet again.

If mistakes were made, as they most probably were, admit it and compensate the victims.

Then it’s time for the Penn State leadership to pay off the lawyers and spin doctors, quit creating new committees, find their backbones and tell the world in no uncertain terms that Jerry Sandusky is not Penn State and Penn State is not Jerry Sandusky.

Penn State must decide whether it will be the premier public university for Pennsylvania in the land-grant tradition and then reorder some of its priorities and truly open its management to public scrutiny.

Let’s put the “happy” back in the valley.

Carl R. Amick