Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Research regulations

Recent articles relative to changes for Centre Crest nursing home are slightly misleading.

Statements comparing for-profit and nonprofit facilities and delivery of quality of care and services are somewhat erroneous.

Federal and state regulations relative to quality of care, quality of life, etc., are equally applied to both types of facilities.

Therefore, residents and families should not see any change in care provided to residents of Centre Crest.

Staffing levels for both types of facilities, per Pennsylvania long-term care regulations, are the same — 1-to-20 ratio — unless an increase in staffing, for failure to provide adequate care, is mandated by the regulatory agency.

People who have had experience with nursing homes may say that is not true.

Keep in mind that, although all nursing home facilities should be evaluated on the same level, there can be differentiation in application of these regulations when surveyors and/or administrators impose personal interpretation of regulations or when political interests come into play.

My suggestion to those with loved ones in nursing homes or placing someone in a nursing home is do your homework. Check out the state and federal websites that provide information specific to regulatory compliance.

Rosemarie T. Kupchinsky

State College

The writer is a former assistant director of Department of Health, Division of Nursing Care Facilities.