Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Don’t know much about ...

I am not a meteorologist, climate scientist or a Ph.D. in anything. It’s summer; it’s hot. It has been that way a long time … forever in my nearly 60 years.

I am otherwise educated and rational enough to consider evidence.

Evidence in a trial is never required as an absolute. In the criminal process is the possibility of unanswered questions. Even without shadows of doubt, juries make decisions because they have to. In civil trials, huge decisions are made on only a majority of evidence (51 percent!) and on a preponderance of evidence — not certainty.

Maybe climate change is NOT responsible for all the seasonal heat, consecutive record-setting summers in the past decade, the large and costly storms, property damage and deviations from weather norms.

I know this: The world has become a dirty, dirty place of ruin and waste by how we live. No corner, no wilderness is without impact. Sweeping these things from consciousness is not fair to our grandchildren, but that is the way man has proceeded thus far.

I am not a fan of our president (or most of the past 10), but his interest in invoking a response to climate and our dirty ways is none too soon.

It will get more expensive in many ways to every generation present and future. Our denial will leave a worse legacy. Let’s get serious about changing climate change. We all should support this president for what our ineptly “frozen” Congress is unwilling to do.

Brian B. Burger