Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | The real dream team

My apologies to Centre County Commissioner Michael Pipe for including him in an earlier letter to the editor on this subject.

Centre Crest has been in operation since 1939, providing excellent care for our senior citizens. Seventy-four years later, two individuals get elected and decide to get rid of it.

It probably was done in a backroom, closed-door meeting some time ago. How else could a board be named so quickly after the sham of a vote?

Commissioners Chris Exarchos and Steve Dershem owe Pipe an apology, knowing all the work he was doing was going to be for nothing.

When the board was named, Dershem referred to it as the “dream team.” I don’t think so. The real dream team is Dershem and Exarchos because they operate exactly like O.J. Simpson’s lawyers.

Jim Johnstonbaugh