Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Thankful for Pipe’s work

We add our names to the ever-growing list of Centre County residents who oppose the transfer of the Centre Crest nursing home to a nonprofit facility.

Commissioner Michael Pipe spent hours conducting extensive research and visiting several nursing homes throughout the state to gather data before making an intelligent decision, which resulted in his evaluation to leave the facility owned and operated by Centre County.

We cannot understand how Commissioners Chris Exarchos and Steve Dershem can rationalize their decision to turn Centre Crest into a nonprofit, and we are concerned about the staff keeping their jobs. Especially troubling is the way those commissioners voted so quickly at the last meeting, ignoring Pipe’s research and evaluation.

The majority commissioners are not representing the vast number of residents who oppose the nonprofit status for Centre Crest.

Commissioners have an obligation to vote on issues that the residents want and feel strongly about, not just what their own conclusions might be.

We applaud Pipe for his hard work. He is an asset to Centre County. The majority commissioners will feel the wrath of voters in the next election — not only on this issue but their entire track record.

If there is a handwritten petition floating out there, we would like to sign it to compel a change in the direction of ownership of Centre Crest.

Thomas and Diane Sturniolo

State College