Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Thoughts on Centre Crest

What are those who complained that there were no public hearings on Centre Crest talking about?

The county commissioners had information sessions in each part of the county. Then they had a big one in the Centre County Courthouse.

Where were those people? I went to one at the Willowbank Building.

The county commissioners have not gotten an increase in reimbursement in the past six years. How can the county pick up the costs that the feds promise but don’t come through with on a regular basis?

Centre Crest was about the only game in town in the 1930s and for many years after.

Now, look at all the competition in one little county. Centre Crest tried to add a rehab, but how many rehabs have cropped up in one small county in the past few years?

Yes, there are many reasons it loses money.

To put the home with a nonprofit board would bring more reimbursement from the federal government. The home would no longer be a political football every four years. Plus, going to a nonprofit board is being done in many counties very successfully.

I commend Commissioner Michael Pipe for doing his homework, but with the economy, I look for many of the homes he looked at to change their ways, too.

Employees won’t have to worry. Nonprofit boards have very conscientious people who know you are wonderful caregivers.

JoAnn L. Knupp