Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Move forward

In the speech President Barack Obama gave last week on tackling climate change, he said he refuses to condemn future generations to a planet that is beyond fixing.

So what are we waiting for?

Extreme weather events are increasingly more common and more costly. Since 2000, each year has gotten hotter than the last. Incidence of asthma and autism is skyrocketing.

Economics dictates everything, yet our legislators claim it’s too expensive to take action. The cost of inaction will be far higher than acting now. Nothing will change without economic incentives.

The answer is a federal tax on carbon pollution at the source, with the money generated sent back to consumers in the form of rebates. We need to see the costs of the choices that have led us to this point.

Polluters, for free, have fouled our air and water, which shows we don’t value them.

I’ve wanted to live in a warmer climate for years. Now I don’t have to move because a warmer climate is coming to me.

Unfortunately, I’m also going to get more extreme weather, more powerful hurricanes, more droughts, more wars when countries fight over scarce resources, more wildlife going extinct, etc.

Ninety-seven percent of scientists internationally concur that climate change is happening.

It’s time Sen. Bob Casey and Rep. Glenn Thompson lead us forward on climate change.

Lynne Heritage