Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Listen to the experts

Thursday’s column by Richard Alley and Michael Mann (“Coming crisis demands action”) reinforces President Barack Obama’s new efforts to deal with climate change.

Alley and Mann are real experts in this field, and their dire warning about future consequences of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere should be taken seriously.

We are already seeing this with the loss of sea ice in the Arctic region, the changes of vegetation and insects that clearly indicate the temperature is increasing in the United States and the rising oceans that contributed to the East Coast storm surge that caused so much damage.

It is time we take serious actions to limit CO2 emissions and show international leadership, because this is really a worldwide problem.

I applaud Obama in his efforts to reduce our dependence on electricity generation from coal and move to less CO2-emitting sources such as nuclear, wind and solar power.

What can we as citizens do? Write or call your congressional representatives and tell them how important it is for Congress, not just the president, to address this issue.

Don’t let the climate-change deniers stop you. It is time for action.

Edward Klevans

State College