Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Life in the private sector

Kudos to Penn State for transitioning operation of the taxpayer-funded Bennett Family Center to the private-sector Hildebrandt Learning Center Corp.

It’s critical for our nation to cut public-sector spending and transition taxpayer-funded organizations to the private sector.

In Sunday’s CDT, the public appeal by the so called “Parents at the Bennett Family Center” to the Penn State board of trustees reeked of elitist entitlement.

Do they understand that they’re asking taxpayers to continue to pay for the excellent child care they receive? Don’t they think a 75 percent tuition break, outstanding health care coverage and secure, generous retirement benefits are enough?

It’s time for them to become sensitive to the private-sector world — those who pay the taxes that fund universities.

Also, it’s thoughtless and despicable for the “Bennett Parents” to even remotely compare this straightforward public-to-private-sector transition to the “transparency problem” frequently discussed during the Jerry Sandusky debacle.

If the Bennett parents want the caregivers at their child care facility to continue to receive the outrageously generous benefits they’ve received as public-sector employees, I suggest each parent significantly increase their monthly payment to Hildebrandt.

As well-compensated public-sector employees, it’s likely they’re in a more favorable financial position to pay more than a working family in the private sector.

They should stop asking for handouts, feel good about opening their wallets and pay their child’s caregivers what they say they deserve.

John Walls

Harris Township