Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Vulnerable overlooked

How can we not make children the most important thing in our lives, in our town, in our culture, in our economy?

Whether we know and love a child or can just think through it logically, child care should always come out near the top of our priorities.

However, considering the recent decision to turn over the complete management of its two child care facilities, Penn State has decided that the children of its employees and their supporting community members are just not so important anymore.

The truth about the benefits package that employees will now be offered is that it creates an exorbitant decrease of compensation compared with what they have been offered through Penn State and, despairingly, it is the norm in the field of early care and education.

It is not only the early childhood professionals at Penn State’s child care centers who do such highly important work that they deserve compensation that affords them a life void of struggling for health services and higher education, but it is every single person who cares for our most precious resource.

I wish that not only Penn State could realize this, but every entity that has the ability to give support to children in their first five years of life rather than looking first to the most vulnerable when it comes to searching for ways to “use resources more efficiently,” as College of Health and Human Services Dean Ann Crouter so frankly put it during a meeting with parents.

Sara Mwagura

State College