Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Pipe never stood a chance

Centre County commissioners voted to wash their hands of the responsibility of caring for some of the most vulnerable residents of the county by disowning Centre Crest.

They had good reasons on which to rely. Their action can be justified with a certain and specific series of questions.

The facility is old. The state doesn’t give us enough money. A tax increase eventually would be necessary if we are to care for the elderly in a direct fashion.

You don’t want your taxes to increase, do you?

Almost immediately, seven members to sit on the board for the new nonprofit that will run Centre Crest had been chosen. This is one indication that the move from county ownership has been a done deal for some time.

With Commissioners Steve Dershem and Chris Exarchos committed to divesting of Centre Crest, the public meetings and the latitude given Commissioner Michael Pipe to investigate other alternatives seems to have not been genuine.

At the June 18 meeting, Pipe had some interesting ideas for maintaining the nursing home in the ownership of the county.

Surely these new ideas were worthy of scrutiny. They needed careful and detailed analysis to see if they had merit.

Stating (as Exarchos did) that since nothing will correct the loss of revenue from Harrisburg, there is nothing to discuss, at the very least shows insincerity. Why the public meetings? Why give Pipe the go-ahead to try and make a case for keeping Centre Crest? The state reimbursement issue won’t change.

It was all window dressing.

Roy Sletson

State College