Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | An affront to Hort Woods

We, parents of a child who attends a Hildebrandt Center, are offended at the suggestion that the Child Care Center at Hort Woods provides inferior care because it is run by an efficient private-sector organization.

At Hort Woods, our son has enjoyed the same three teachers since it opened in 2011.

The center is organized, transparent and offers a superior curriculum. Tuition is on a sliding scale based on income, similar to Bennett.

Perhaps Bennett parents should approach the Penn State administration with budgetary means to support their teachers and remove the burden from the taxpayer.

The administration has stated that the decision is based on “efficiency” and not “money,” but often they are the same.

Eliminating the sliding scale at Bennett would be a start. This likely would create an elitist education void of diversity.

Alternatively, parents could come together and endow the teachers’ compensations. The Office of Development would likely be happy to help parents for this purpose.

As private-sector employees, we understand supply and demand, which in our community suggests that the large population of exceptionally qualified early-childhood educators outweighs the demand.

We are not sure where else the exceptional Bennett teachers would go to avoid becoming Hildebrandt teachers where they would not have similar benefits to those offered by other employers.

We know the teachers at Hort Woods do not call themselves “contractors.”

We know they are offended as well by the insinuation that they are anything less than educated, highly trained, caring teachers.

Michael and Dawn Sanzotti

State College